The Diabetic Foot

It is critical for diabetics to take care of their feet and avoid foot related injuries.  Comfortable and protective footwear can help prevent minor cuts, scrapes, blisters or pressure sores that may be overlooked due to the insensitivity which can be part of diabetic neuropathy.  When left untreated, minor injuries can develop into serious complications.

Foot Comfort personnel are trained to assess and fit therapeutic footwear as well as walking & running shoes. Foot type, level of activity, the presence of swelling or neuropathy, skins conditions, and past injuries or surgeries are all taken into consideration when fitting the diabetic foot.

Our line of therapeutic footwear includes:

  • Extra depth and and extra wide styles for men and women.
  • Both lace and velcro options in dress and athletic styles.
  • Shoes that are appropriate for a variety of activities including walking & running.
  • Modifications including heel lifts, internal wedging, elastic and other lacing options.

 Please contact us for further assistance.